Current Clients

Access your Secure Legal Documents or pay your Invoice from the links below.

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Your Secure Documents - Lawconnect

LawConnect is the secure cloud based document management system that our firm uses that enables you to access your legal documents. You will find that the documents we share with you are organised logically into each matter we are handling for you.

LawConnect enables us to share documents with you without exposing them to the risks of email, keeping them safe at all times and making them really easy for you to find whenever you want to view them.

You are also able to upload your own documents (e.g. a copy of your Drivers Licence or Passport perhaps) into LawConnect for sharing with us or safe-keeping.

Our firm provides LawConnect for you at no charge and you can access LawConnect from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

If you already have a LawConnect instance you can login via the above link.

If you are a client of ours and would like us to share documents with you on LawConnect, please contact the lawyer dealing with your matter.

If you have questions about how to use LawConnect, please see this guide: Getting Started with LawConnect

pay your invoice

We are committed to ensuring our clients have access to the latest in payment technology and have teamed with RapidPay to provide a range of convenient and secure payment options.

The following payment options are available to enable you to pay your bills or transfer money into our trust account:-

  • Credit card*, either via our website, telephone or in person
  • BPAY from your cheque or savings account


To pay by credit card over the internet please click on our 'RapidPay - Pay Now' button above this text and enter the RapidPay reference number found on the front of your invoice / anticipated deposit.


To pay by credit card over the telephone please call us on the number listed under Contact Us and have your RapidPay reference number in hand.

In Person

To pay by credit card in person please visit us at our address found under Contact Us and bring with you your invoice / anticipated deposit.

Payments via credit card will be processed by RapidPay and will display as RapidPay Legal on your credit card statement.

*Note a credit card surcharge fee may apply if you pay via credit card. This fee is levied by RapidPay and is dependent on the card type you use, this fee will be displayed to you prior to you having to enter your credit card details

To pay via BPAY from your cheque or savings account through your financial institution, enter the biller code and your RapidPay reference found on the front of your invoice / anticipated deposit.

Other Payment Options

Should you wish to pay via another option we also accept:

  • Electronic funds transfer;
  • Cheque; and
  • Cash.

Please contact us for further information as to how you can pay via these alternate methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RapidPay?

RapidPay, operated by Rapid Financial Services Solutions Pty Ltd was launched in 2007 and is today used by hundreds of small law firms.

RapidPay is the only Australian payment system specifically designed for small law firms – to find out more please visit

Who can I ask for help?

Should you encounter any difficulties using the RapidPay system please contact RapidPay via email on or telephone on 1800 487 749.