Who We Are

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Our Mission

We are experts in property law in Queensland and, led by Property Law (Qld) Accredited Specialist Simon LaBlack, provide specialist property law advice using the latest in technology to achieve your desired outcomes with second-to-none service, security and assurance.

We pride ourselves on being the best in our field, and our mission is to show you what it feels like to be served by the best property lawyers in Queensland as together we achieve your desired outcomes.

We take you on each step of the journey with us, enabling all parties, including you and your internal and external stakeholders, to understand and benefit in a way that transforms commodity-based engagement into a functional and educational tool – to grow and up-skill you, your people and/or your organisation. 

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We are a technology-driven law firm

Since our beginning in 2015, we have joined and led the effort to change the way law firms in Queensland provide their services. We were the third firm in Queensland to facilitate a four-party property transfer using the new PEXA settlement platform.

We utilise practice management software that allows us to work wherever we need to, whenever we need to. We provide our clients with access to a secure online portal to exchange documents to ensure their security at all times. We employ strict cyber security measures in our team to give our clients peace of mind.

Our future in technology is what we make it, and we continue to adopt the latest advances in technology to put our clients at the forefront of the property law space.

Our People

Read more about why our combined knowledge, experience and use of technology makes us the right team to partner with.

Simon LaBlack  - Legal Practitioner Director - Property Law (Qld) Accredited Specialist

Simon LaBlack - Legal Practitioner Director - Property Law (Qld) Accredited Specialist

Claire Barry  - Property Lawyer

Claire Barry - Property Lawyer

Simone Samuel  - Property Lawyer

Simone Samuel - Property Lawyer

Skye LaBlack  - Office Manager

Skye LaBlack - Office Manager


So, why should you partner with an Accredited Specialist?

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A Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist has earned that Accreditation through a rigorous and thorough assessment and examination process, as well as a peer-reviewed interview. 

The Accreditation is reserved for those in their field that far exceed the standard knowledge level of their colleagues and have a deep understanding of their particular field, as well as maintaining and improving upon that knowledge as the legislation and social factors change. 

If you want the comfort of knowing you are working with a lawyer of the highest quality at the top of their field, choose a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist.

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If you need even more reasons to partner with our team, take a look at some testimonials we have received from our clients!